New example: HR review application

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If you are searching for an example of automation in HR domain, there is a new example available: the HR review process.

This example has been created by Ismail, one of our community users. Thank you very much Ismail for your contribution!

What’s ReviewBuddy?

ReviewBuddy is an App that automates review processes. Therefore, companies seeking to automate their review processes could use ReviewBuddy to:

  • Notify employees and manager of the Review period starting;
  • Provide employees and managers tasks to submit and discuss information related to a review period;
  • Send data to HR which after validation the app generates automatically a PDF summary of each Review.

How does it work?

ReviewBuddy contains two pools:

  • ReviewHR (Part 1): it allows HR representatives to notify employees that a Review Submission period has begun during which they can start drafting their Reviews as well as scheduling a Review meeting with their managers.
  • Review (part 2): it allows employees and managers to draft their reviews, discuss the information submitted, then sent it over to HR for validation. Once Approved, a review summary is generated.

This application covers the following concepts

All details about this example and the way to implement it are described in Ismail's blog article

And you will find all details about this example in our Projects section

Enjoy it!