What’s ReviewBuddy?

ReviewBuddy is an App that automates review processes. Therefore, companies seeking to automate their review processes could use ReviewBuddy to:

  • Notify employees and manager of the Review period starting;
  • Provide employees and managers tasks to submit and discuss information related to a review period;
  • Send data to HR which after validation the app generates automatically a PDF summary of each Review.


How does it work?

ReviewBuddy contains two pools:

  • ReviewHR (Part 1): it allows HR representatives to notify employees that a Review Submission period has begun during which they can start drafting their Reviews as well as scheduling a Review meeting with their managers.
  • Review (part 2): it allows employees and managers to draft their reviews, discuss the information submitted, then sent it over to HR for validation. Once Approved, a review summary is generated.

This application covers the following concepts

  • BPM Messages
  • Multi-instanciation
  • Actor filters
  • Non-interrupting timers
  • Parallel & Exclusive Gateways
  • Connectors
    • E-mail
    • Insert data in a .docx/.odt template connector
    • Generate a PDF from an Office document

How to deploy it?

Local environment (from Bonita Studio)

  • After downloading the project, deploy it.
  • Click on the "tool" icon (Configure) to perform the actor mapping and configure paramaters for both pools
  • Select ReviewHR pool and click on RUN.

Server deployement

To make the App available to end-users, you need to set up a Runtime. To achieve this, two options are available:

  • Use a Bonita Bundle Server;
  • Use a Docker image of a Bonita Bundle Server.


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