Want to reassign tasks easily?

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Version: 7.10.5+

Follow this example based on the task candidates REST API extension developed by romain.bioteau and you will be able to implement task assignment in a workflow.

This example highlights how to implement task assignment in a workflow.

Project content

  • An example organization with the manager role
  • The Assign Task Example diagram
  • The AssignTaskForm

Install target/task-candidates-rest-api-1.0.0-<version>.zip in your tenant Resources using Bonita Admininstration Portal


To know more about this example (based on a dummy workflow), you can have a look at this quick demo:

  • Log as user (Walter Bates) and launch the process
  • The user Walter Bates will perform the first task
  • His manager Helen Kelly is going to reasign the task to another task candidate
  • Result: Walter Bates doesn't see the following task anymore and the other user (Daniela Angelo) get a new task to do.


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