MoonRover: Query / Access / Edit your BDM

# page_moonrover Report on BDM screenshoot_moonrover.jpg Noon Rover is used to access the Business Data Model information. All data in theses tables can be search. When to use it? In production, to search data in your database. To build some form, and give access to your users Search in your Business Data Table As an administrator (you should have access to the profile Administrator), All different objects are visible in the list. Select one objet. In the selection, the different queries are visible: • All Queries defined in the Business (custom and standard) • A Standard Request • A Direct SQL Request Using Query screenshoot_query.jpg The Business Data Model defined standard query, and may define custom query. Query may have parameters. The Selection panel look for the parameters, and ask them to the user. Using Standard request screenshoot_standardRequest.jpg All attributes on the table are produced in the form. User can build a complex search, and can set up the order by criteria Using Direct SQL screenshoot_directsql.jpg Via the DirectSL, it’s possible to buid a complex SQL request. You can use parameters in your request Configure the result screenshoot_result.jpg Fields to display on the result is configurable. Some function, like the GroupBy and sum (available only in Standard request) are available. Using a Standard Request allow to produce a Chart or a JASPER report as result. Another request allows you only to produce a Table. Run the request Result is displayed according the type of result. A pagination is organized, and it’s possible (Standard Request) to order the column by clicking on the header. Configure request for users screenshoot_configureForUser.jpg Administrator can save a request, to access it easy after This request is then accessible to user who can access the page, but which are not an administrator. User gives values of parameters. screenshoot_UserAccess.jpg



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