A Simple Business Collaboration Scenario

This showcase demonstrates a little example of two interacting processes in a business collaboration. In this collaboration, there are two partners: A customer and a supplier. The customer creates an order and sends it to the supplier. Then it waits for the supplier’s response. If a response is received rejecting the order, the process is finished. If the order has been accepted, the process waits for a shipment notification.

The supplier’s process is triggered by the arrival of the order. The supplier either accepts or rejects the order. The order response is sent back to the customer. If the order has been accepted, the supplier creates and sends a shipment notification when the goods have been shipped.

The customer and the supplier use separate Bonita installations. The message exchange uses a simple message queue, implemented in a MySQL database. This implementation would also allow to change one partner’s implementation, e.g. by using another BPMS or an individually developed software.

A paper with a detailed description of the development and the implementation of this scenario can be found at: http://www.kurze-prozesse.de/implementing-a-business-collaboration-with-...

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