Taobao product searcher based on TOP

Taobao is the largest online mall in China , same as eBay. The trades there are based on integrity and it devoted itself to become the safest and most convenient e-trade platform. The main part it runs goes in mobile phones,software,digital equipment,made-ups,clothes,furniture,books,food and so on . The things there are with lower price and better quality. People can sell things they don't need

TOP (Taobao Open Platform) is developed by taobao, provides open api for developers. We can call the apis with PHP, VB ,Java etc to query the Taobao users, items, products,shops,business and express information, order items or products, finish business, analyse information and so on .

Developer need to register an application on Once you got the app key and secret, you can start working on TOP apis. Taobao has a sandbox server for developer only. If you want to connect to the Sandbox server, you can use 'test' as the app key and secret.


GPL v2


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