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I have a doubt regarding assigning tasks to groups.
When a particular task is assigned to a user, in the portal (Admin View)where it shows the case details,
it shows me the name of the user in the field ASSIGNED to.
Now the same task, if it assigned to a group, it shows UNASSIGNED in the same field.
The group may have about 5-6 users who can each validate the task.
My only problem is here, as an admin , i need to see the name of the group or atleast name of one user in the field ASSIGNED to, so that when a requestor wants to know who the task is assigned to, i can let him know the name of the user.
Is this the way this works or am i missing something or need to make changes?
P.S - Using bonita v7.1
Any help will be really appreciated thanks.


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I hope you don't mind but it's not - I have a doubt - it's - I have a question - they are very different things. Hope that helps, regards

Assigned means a user has TAKEN the task and is actually working on it,
When assigning a group to the task - it is in a state of what I refer to as Nominated as in a person from the group is Nominated to take the task, only after they take it will it appear assigned.

This is the way it currently works. I would add an idea to the community\ideas forum for this to be corrected.


PS: While you may not like the answer, it gives a possible solution, please mark as resolved.


Submitted by anandages841 on Tue, 05/23/2017 - 07:24

Thank you for your quick answer.