Is Bonita BPM appropriate for my workflow?



I work in the IT department of an university and we're looking for a open source solution to handle multiple workflows of the organization.

Our use cases usually result in requests (created from forms) that are passed through various stages of approval/editing and generate reports/visualizations under a per-view authorization scheme. Occasionally it involves more complex logic like cross validation of data from multiple sources.

Given these requirements, a conventional ticket request system falls short. So far, we've been developing micro-sites using Django to address specific workflows and we wanted to take the next step with an integrated solution.

How flexible is Bonita BPM to handle these requirements? How flexible is to include new ones?

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In short as very open questions that could generate loads of information:

How flexible is Bonita BPM to handle these requirements? Very, it is really up to you to decide where to stop...

How flexible is to include new ones? Very easy, just create a new diagram and you have a new process...



Submitted by philippe.ozil on Tue, 09/08/2015 - 16:31

Hi Martin,

To complement Sean's answer, I would like to add that we already have a couple of universities that are Bonita Community users or customers.
Do not hesitate to detail more your question and we will be happy to help.

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