can i create a function inside bonita workflow?


Hi everybody,

I'm looking for a way in order to optimize my workflow, here i'm going to explain what i would like to do:

I have created some human tasks, and each one of them has a form. Each form save this data to a some variables. Each human tasks is connected to a service task and this last carry with him the insert query to the database. So my question is as the following :

Is there a way to use an only service tasks, and through a function , to can pass the name of table and the data in order to insert them .


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This one is the BEST answer!

This is a simple design issue, you have to design you underlying code tasks appropriately, without seeing the whole process and how you've designed it makes it near impossible to optimize.

My method would be to only have one script at the end of the whole process and do all the updating there, not on every human task, there's no need as the data will persist between tasks (if you use process variables).

So lots of human tasks, save to process variables, and then last script step writes the data...


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