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Hi again, thanks in adavance for your help. When i need to make a change to the workflow (for example adding a new form or a new field to the form) I have to change the pool version in order to not affect the current projects that are on execution and then I have to deploy the new workflow, but in that case the current projects doesnt take the change. Does exist any way to make the change and the current projects take that change? Because if I use the same number of version, the projects that are on execution are deleted and they don't appear any more, and all the information is lost.

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This one is the BEST answer!

The reason for doing version numbering is the basic foundation of good SDLC Governance and Change Management.

Because processes generally, not always, require some sort of action that is auditable you have to also have an audit of the changes to the process.

Versioning allows you to do this.

The process should be:

Create version 1.0 Publish 1.0 Use 1.0

Update 1.0 to 1.1 Publish 1.1 Disable 1.0 Enable 1.1 All new cases will Use 1.1 Allow any outstanding 1.0 to finish...


The last bit is the important bit, allow the old ones to finish as they were started under the old process and shouldn't be changed.

this way you don't fall foul of the auditors...

That being said, if you MUST take the previous 1.0 to 1.1 data - you will have to write your own program to read the active 1.0 cases, create new 1.1 cases transfer the data, assign them to the right people and finally delete the old cases. This would be on a process-by-process basis. You would have to be careful of all approvals already completed and new data points that may not have been in the previous version, or data that may have been removed...

Again you will have to formally document this for the auditors...

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Thanks Sean.