Differences between "Enterprise edition" and "Community edition"



I'd like to know what are the differences between Bonita "Enterprise edition" and "Community edition" in terms of functionalities.

I read in the download page that the enterprise edition has these functionalities:

  • Get professional, global support
  • Create applications that adapt in real time to business changes
  • Fully customize user interfaces for your end user needs
  • Build applications faster through powerful collaboration, integration and testing
  • Design engaging user interfaces for mobile and tablets
  • Use built-in dashboards to monitor processes and application health

Are these present also in the Community Edition, i.e. "Design engaging user interfaces for mobile and tablets"?



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As you mention the Bonita platform is available in two editions, Enterprise and Community.

The Enterprise Edition is designed to support critical processes for medium and large businesses. This version offers the advanced features below and offers international professional support and services.

The Bonita Enterprise platform is a central component for orchestrating and automating business processes. Bonitasoft offers a simple and transparent subscription model. Customers can subscribe for one or more years have licenses, maintenance and support for an unlimited number of users, processors, connectors, processes and process instances.

The Bonita Enterprise edition is available on-site, or in a Bonita Cloud version if you want secure and automated deployments entirely operated by Bonitasoft.

Use Bonita Enterprise Edition to:

  • Automate and optimize your applications faster: accelerate development for faster time to market (through advanced user interface design features, team collaboration repositories, integration and continuous testing, advanced connectivity to business systems).
  • Create more friendly and attractive user interfaces: customize business applications according to the needs of your end users.
  • Develop agile applications that adapt in real time to the changing needs of the business, without the need to redeploy the process (with live updates, and ad-hoc tasks).
  • Easily integrate your process automation platform into your IS: Bonita's extensibility ensures good integration with your business systems. It also guarantees continuity with high availability and scalability.
  • Have better visibility on your processes: Monitoring tools let you follow processes and identify bottlenecks (through monitoring, graphical visualization, and reporting).

Another module is available with a Bonita Enterprise subscription: Bonita Continuous Delivery for DevOps support and in particular the management of continuous deployments.

The Bonita Community Edition contains all features necessary to automate and optimize end-to-end business applications that are not necessarily time-critical or that need on-demand support, advanced team collaboration, high customization, scalability or high availability.

Concerning the design of engaging user interfaces for mobile and tablets, the responsive capacities are available in the Enterprise edition.