how to create an administrator ?


hi evryone,
Someone can explain me how to create an administrator for my workflow's application in Bonita please !

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Hi Yacine,

By default Bonita Community comes with 2 profiles : user and administrator as explained in the documentation. You can see them in Bonita Portal/Organization/Profiles

Depending on what you want to do when you talk about "creating" an administrator, there are 2 options :
1- the first one consists in creating a new custom profile if you need to grant specific permissions to your new administrator. But this is only available in Enterprise edition.
2- If you just want to map the administrator profile to a member of your organisation, you can manage it in Bonita Portal. As described in the documentation, section " how to manage a user ", you can edit users right by mapping the user to the admin profile : To map a user to a profile:

  • Go to the Organization menu and choose Profiles.

  • Select a profile. Click More.

  • In the Users mapping section, click Add a user.

  • In the popup, click the checkbox to select the user to add. Click Add.

The user is mapped to the profile.


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thank you for answering :)