how to create a tab, to view output of external APIs and can be navigated to and fro from one tab to another with out a submit button in the VIEW tab


Hi guys , I am using Bonitasoft version 7.0.1 community version ,on top of Ubuntu 14.04 server . I am trying to create a tab (name it VIEW ) in the process ( Referring to the Vacation Management Example in Bonitasoft 7) where I want to show few of the external REST APIs output but I do not want any submit button in that page . After displaying the out-put typically I should be able to go to another tab and I can come once again to the VIEW tab (It should happen dynamically in the process level ) . I need help to create a process so that it can be implemented . It would be very helpful if answer can be explained with a simple process or with a BPMN Diagram . I hope my scenario is clear , in case of more explanation regarding the question , please let me know .

Regards Subrat

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