How to make a backtrack ?



We have a big process with several branches. We would like towards the end of the process to give the possibility to make a big backtrack to correct a possible error that was entered during the process. However during this backtracking it would seem that activities can continue to exist. Can we decide to erase what has been done between one designated activity and another? And restart at the chosen activity?

If not, how would you go about making a big backtrack?

Thank you for your help,

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Hello Lucas,

no it is not possible. One of the main goal of a process is actually to keep track of what has been done...

There are several options depending on what you need to deal with your request.

If the error (I guess you are talking about a human error, not a system related error such as a network failure or DB unavailability) is related to business data and has no impact on the process flow, you can include in your process an always available activity that allows to update the data or deal with this in a separate process / application.

If the error is related to a process flow whatever, it comes from a wrong human decision or input, then you have the option to compensate for this action either inside the process model itself or thanks to another dedicated process.

In the first case, you need to design each loop where it makes sense (keep in mind you can compensate, meaning "update", what has been done but not erase history) and design the expected behaviour.

In the second case, you can cancel the actual process instance and launch a new process instance on a selected compensation process model that has been designed for the expected behaviour.

Hope this helps,