How to make report of database content using bonita soft and jasper connection?


I had done following thing's then also i am not able to make report--------

1->Firstly i maked i .jrxml file using ireport studio.
2->then after this i have followed a community documentation (i.e i make one human task name as before jasper then one service task name as jasper and one more human task called after jasper and after this one end event).
3->then I have added a .jrxml file (as input in document panel) and then i maked a output variable.
4->after this i configure a connector credential and in jrxml path i gave input file name(what i have define in document panel).

but still i am not able to get output ,i posted this question yesterday also but i did't got any relevent idea's so please ...provide step by step explanation about this bec still i am learning only so please try to give solution as fast as possible....and thank's in advance

ranvir kumar

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