How to "manually trigger the cache busting mechanism"?



I've recently updated a custom page in the Admin view > Resources, to be used in a living application.
The changes made in my custom page were done outside the UI Designer.
After updating the page on the server, we have been encountering cache related issues following the deployment.

The problem seems to be caused by the cache duration of the CustomPageCacheFilter.

When looking at the documentation I read here:

In the final paragraph is says:

"If you don't use the UI Designer to edit and export your custom page, don't forget to manually trigger the cache busting mechanism. Without this cache busting, end users won't benefit from the latest custom page changes, unless they empty their browser cache."

This is the problem I have, and I can't ask all our users to manually clean their browser cache.

Can you explain how to "manually trigger the cache busting mechanism"?


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This one is the BEST answer!


What "manually trigger cache busting" means that as a developer you must make sure to either change the name of the file or add a query parameter (e.g. ?version=2) to the URL to access the file. So that the web-browser will not use the version it has in cache but the new file instead. Here is a good reference example:

Note: The cache entry will eventually expire and the old file reference will automatically be removed from cache.

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Captain Bonita