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Dear all
I have built the bonita studio 7.3 from source in Ubuntu 14.04. in order develop, I import the bonitastudio/pom.xml to Eclipse as maven project but i got some error.some plugin like image-overlay-plugin ,maven-antrun and maven war plugin lost. so, how can i use it in any IDE like Eclipse or Intellij? I want to add some module to Bonita BPM therefor I have to open it in IDE. any help is acceptable......

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi Reza,

The documentation only says how to build the Community. It doesn't actually how to tell how to modify Community, and for that, as you will have found, you need Eclipse.

The Eclipse used in Studio is not the same as the Eclipse used in changing the source so these things are not lost, they've not been installed into your development Eclipse.

And I agree with you it would be nice to know what all the requirements are to change source and compile it in Eclipse. I'll try to persuade Bonitasoft to publish this information.

However for now all you have to do it search the Eclipse Market Place, or Google, for how to include the plugins:

maven war plugin

In the first instance, in your version of Eclipse, Hopefully it is EE version, have you installed Maven which should include the later two.



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