Keep archived process instances/cases after updating/redeploying processes



Whenever I make changes to my processes and redeploy them, all past archived instances are deleted from my database. Is there a recommended way to keep these past cases (to keep history of workflow)?

I have this same question but for the BDM also, since redeploying BDM deletes current BDM data.


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This one is the BEST answer!

In Bonita Studio (and only in Bonita Studio) when you deploy a process (using the "run" button or with the contextual menu "deploy") with the same name and version as a process already deployed it will disable and undeploy the existing process definition (leading to the deletion of all associated cases/process instances) and deploy the new one.

On a production server, if you try to deploy a process with same name and version as a one already deployed, the Portal will prevent you from doing so. You will have to disable it, delete it and confirm the deletion of the process (and associated cases) before being able to deploy a process with same name and version.

If you want to keep existing cases/process instances the easiest solution is to update the version of the process definition (and usually also the version of the diagram that includes the process definition).

Note that you should never use Bonita Studio to make your processes and applications available to the end users. You should rather install a Bonita server using our Bonita+Tomcat or Bonita+WildFly bundles or the Bonita Docker image.

When deploying the BDM after an update in the Studio you can choose to update the existing tables structure and keep the data or drop all the tables and recreate them based on the latest definition (see option in the Studio preferences under "database").

In the same way as for process definition, deploying a new definition of BDM in production will never delete your data.


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