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Hi everyone,

First, I'm sorry if I make mistakes but I'm French ;)

I'm here because i've to develop a web tool to create a "tree of knowledge". This tool isn't juste a workflow, it must have a search button to access to a specific "tree" and have the possibility to create web page..

To be more understandable, here an example : I've this problem to solve : my cat seems sick. Graphically, it's what I need to implement on my tool : http://imagik.fr/view-rl/119289

So, tu summary :

  • We have a specific problem
  • We list the different diagnoses (each must have a Yes/No link to the next step of the tree)
  • We must have the possibility to make a link with a web page in a step

With this tool, it must be possible to : * Manage multiple profiles : only reading/consulting tree and documentation, changing/delete datas, and an administration profile * Create/Modify/Display a "tree of knowledge" * Create/Modify/Display web page (wich are links to the different steps of the "tree") * Research a specific "tree" or document

So this tool could be seen like a mix of a wiki (for the document) and a workflow (for the trees).

Do you think Bonitasoft can match my expectations?

Thanks a lot.

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For this project, I would advise you to combine Bonita BPM and a wiki application. You could use Bonita BPM as process manager: you could design your process (tasks, gateways with decisions, forms that permit the end-user to enter data about its problem) in the Studio, execute it thanks to the engine and access to the forms thanks to the portal. The content and hierarchy of your pages would be contained in the wiki. Optionally, these pages could be created and updated through a Bonita BPM process, based on a connector with the wiki you'll choose. The content of these pages could be showed directly in Bonita portal, thanks to our URL redirection feature or to a iframe in a form.

The advantages of choosing Bonita BPM to manage your worflow would be: - an easy-to-use intuitive solution - the integration (notably with the wiki, but maybe also with other applications in the future) easiness - a supportive community to help you if you need help in your developments - the possibility to migrate to an enterprise version when you need advanced features (see the list here) and support (available in French).

I hope it will help you in your choice!


Submitted by ttoine on Thu, 09/04/2014 - 11:32

there is a nice demo of Bonita integration in Exo Platform: