Other users can see tasks not assigned to them


Good day,

I have multiple users (User A, User B, User C, User D and User E). All of them have a role of "Submitter". I have set my app that the Initiators are those with role "Submitter". I started a task using User A. When I log in as User B in portal, I could see the task started by User A.

Is there a way that only the Initiator of the process will be able to see the tasks in the process even if other users have the same Roles?

Thank you in advance.

Regards, Alfred Ayson, PMP

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Hi Alfred

If I understand well, you would like that if User A initiated the process, only User A sees the following tasks of this instance of the process. Right? If it the case, you should configure an "Initiator" filter on the tasks of your process. More information about filters is available in the documentation: http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/actors-0#Using_an_actor_filter Then, the actors list will be filtered to only the person who initiated the process.

I hope it will help.