'Process definition' not found - Bonita 5.2.2



Im actually with jboss 4, jdk 5 and bonita soft 5.2.2

I have to up jdk to 7 but i got error if i attempt to load bar on user experience. I get an error on 'process definition' not found and further, an error on sax, it's about xercesImpl.jar (placed in endorsed dir of jboss).

Do you think if it's possible to keep bonita 5.2.2 with jdk7 ? I have to keep xercesImpl.jar too ...

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Unfortunately not, No.

Regardless of why you need to do the upgrade to Java 7 (security reasons probably) then you have no other option but to do a complete migration from Bonitasoft 5 to 6 and, if so inclined, to move to the latest version 7.

There are multiple steps involved, make sure and read the migration process thoroughly and be prepared to rewrite code, especially between 5 and 6, less code rewrites between 6 and 7 are required.

Because of how backward your software is my suggested approach is as follows, based on documentations here:

(A) http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/bonitabpm/?page=migration-overview
(B) http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/bonitabpm/?page=migrate-a-process-fr...
(C) http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/bonitabpm/?page=migrate-from-an-earl...

  1. Install Studio 5.9 or 5.10 (called 5.new from now)
  2. Install Studio 6.latestVersionYouCan (called 6.new from now)
  3. Install Studio 7.0
  4. Install Studio 7.latestVersionYouCan (called 7.new from now)
  5. Export your processes from 5.2.2
  6. Import your processes to 5.new
  7. Test and make sure everything still works.
  8. Export your processes from 5.new
  9. Import to 6.x as per instructions in (B)
  10. Rewrite and test in 6.new
  11. Make sure everything works
  12. Export your processes from 6.new
  13. Import your processes to 7.0
  14. Export your processes from 7.0
  15. Import your processes to 7.new
  16. Test, test, test and test again to make sure everything still works.
  17. Create a NEW 7.Production Environment - Completely
  18. Do any of your own customizations to it.
  19. Copy all user data to the new environment
  20. Create Organizations etc.
  21. Test, test, test and test again to make sure everything still works.
  22. On one weekend (a long time away by the sounds of things) Shutdown the Old Production and start the New Production.

The reason I would do it this way is you will only rebuild production once and to all the latest levels of software.

You will NOT be able to upgrade Production 5 to 6 or 7, it will not work (A). You cannot migrate your platform from a version earlier than 6.0.2

I suspect you were not expecting this amount of work to upgrade, but because you are so far backward, it's what required to get up to scratch.


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Ok Sean, thank you for you answer, really appreciate, no other choice to upgrade :')