Simple Gmail Email Connector not working in bonita 7.10.4


I am trying to trigger an email using Gmail SMTP in Bonita but not able to do it..

I have tried all the below

1.Kept antivirus Avast in silent mode (deactivate antivirus)
2.turned off Firewall
3. Not using any proxy
4.changed statue "Allow less secure apps" to turn on in my Gmail account from which iam trying to send email

After doing all the above 4 points the task is showing as executing in admin login but iam not getting any email then

Also tried below in Avast
Avast--> setting -->Protection-->Core Shields-->Mail Shield tab ->
unchecked scan outbound emails(SMTP) and in
Web Shield tab---> unchecked enable HTTPS Scanning

Now iam getting an error which says

org.bonitasoft.engine.connector.ConnectorException: javax.mail.MessagingException: Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 465, response: -1

Could anybody suggest to solve this problem

Iam using Windows 7 home premium as OS and Bonita 10.7.4 and Java JDK 8

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This one is the BEST answer!


You have to enable SSL in the connector configuration (Under security section) when using Gmail