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I was wondering how to configure the TLS protocol version in email connector, actually we are using microsoft SMTP and the TLS protocol version used in email connector is 1.0, very soon microsoft will set that protocol version in deprecation state and we need to move to the next version, but we cannot set the protocol version in the UI part of mail connector.

Does anyone knows how to configure it?

is it possible to force to 1.2 TTLS version?

we are using bonita version 7.11.

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Hi Alessandro,

I recommend using the latest version of the connector available here. Then you should be able to force the TLS version using this system property:

-Dmail.smtp.ssl.protocols=TLSv1.2when starting the runtime. You can achieve that during development in a Studio using the Server settings preferences and adding the system property to the Tomcat JVM additional arguments.
Or on a production bundle by updating the setup/tomcat-templates/ (see documentation)



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Thank you Romain,

sorry for the delay, it works perfectly you saved our lives :)