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I'm beginner and I would like to create a widget that would display the timeline as in "Autogenerated Case Overview Page" resources when in administrator mode.
I could not recover the one that was automatically generated since I have an error when I want to view on UI designer file export.

Here is the error:
Incorrect zip structure.
The artifact has not been imported.
Check that the zip archive contains one of following files ["page.json", "widget.json"].

If possible, I would also like to create a connector that would allow me to export the overview to Excel.

I hope what I want is possible. I use the Community Edition.

I thank you in advance

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I found a solution using an export widget in csv and Excel

Thank you again for your help



Thank you for your reply but I saw that we can make a custom Widget but being also a beginner in the Angular JS, I have no idea what to put in the Template and Controller for it to work. If you know a site or a pdf that would allow me to use Angluar quite easily, I am taker. Of course, I have not found but if you have seen a widget resembling what I want, I am also a taker.

I tried the recommended manipulation for the structure of the zip file but by default I have no page.json or widget.json in the zip file and apparently it's his that is problematic.

Thank you again for your reply



I don't think, the timeline in the overview page is a widget that can be used as it is in the UI Designer.

You can probably build something similar by creating your own Custom widget. It requires a bit of knowledge in AngularJS and Bonita but it's doable. Here is some documentation about it.



As to the "An error occurred, please check your .zip file structure." I can almost guarantee I know what the problem is....

Open the ORIGINAL download and you will see something like this:

  1. myZIPFile.ZIP (the zip file)
  2. --folder1
  3. --folder2
  4. --folder3
  5. --file1
  6. --file2

Now have a look at your ZIP file, you will probably see something like this:

  1. myFolderName.zip (the zip file)
  2. --myFolderName
  3. --/--folder1
  4. --/--folder2
  5. --/--folder3
  6. --/--file1
  7. --/--file2

So in your Zip you have folder myFolderName and under that the files and folders.

This is a problem with the way you are zipping files:

You need to go into the FOLDER where the folders and files are, Select All and now ZIP.

This will create a Zip file along with the other files, have a look at this and you will now see it has the same structure as the original file, this is the one you need to upload...


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