BDM install

Bonita BPM 7.6.3 Tomcat bundle new user creation problem

I downloaded the 7.6.3 Tomcat bundle and after running ./ on my Ubuntu 17.04 box Bonita starts properly using the default h2 database. I am able to access http://localhost:8080 and login with the technical user without any issues.

Deploying multiple BDM


I'm using Bonita 7.2.2 and I have some process already deployed with BDM. Now I deployed a bar file in my environment and to resolve the process, I deployed exported from some other studio using technical user login. But then I noticed that previously deployed process became unresolved because business data was not available. Is this normal??

Bonita recognizes only last deployed BDM?
If I want previous business data too then how can I manage that?

Thank you in advance.

BDM install in production portal

I've installed a BonitaBPMCommunity-7.2.0-Tomcat-7.0.67 in my Linux server.
Also** MySQL DB** has been installed in my Linux.
When I try to import and install my BDM for the first time I receive this error: An error has occurred when deploying Business Data Model and it stops.
The log file after several try is here .
Does any one knows the reason of this error?
Thank you in advance