Bonita 6.3

"No such field" Exception when trying to login using Java API

Hello, I have a server running Bonita BPM. So far the platform can be accessed using a browser and with the REST API, however, trying to login using the Java API results in some strange exceptions being thrown. Has anyone had this problem before? Did I maybe forget to set something in a config file somewhere or so?

Bonita BPM vers: 6.3.1 OS: Windows 8.1 Deployed with: JBoss-5.0 Java Version: 1.6

Accès au natif depuis Bonita


Je voudrais faire une application mobile en utilisant Bonita mais je voudrais savoir si on peut accéder aux outils natifs depuis Bonita? (Comme la caméra ou le GPS….) Merci d'avance,


providedscrips unable to resolve in bonita 6.3 connector scripts


I am writing a connector script in bonita 6.3. In the script editor, I am getting message "providedscripts unable to resolve". Tried to use "import providedscripts.BonitaSql.*;". But still facing problem.

Any help will be apreciated.

Thanks, Bhushan