Bonita 6.3

Hiding business data

Hello, Bonita noob here. I have a XOR gateway that decides the path a process will take using scripts as follows:

if an amount is less than 250,000 the task is forwarded to a certain level financial officer if ranging between 250k and 1m, it's sent to a higher level FO, if greater than 1 million, it's sent to the highest level FO.

This is done by comparing the value from the field invoice_amount in a form, to these values and storing the boolean result in a process variable (sadly, the transient variables are not available to use in the XOR paths :( )

Is Glassfish Supported in 6.3 and 6.4?

Hi there,

I notice in the Install documentation 6.3 here that the referred to Bonita is 6.1 and 6.2, and in 6.4 here Glassfish is not even mentioned.

Can someone confirm

1) if 6.3 should in-fact refer to 6.3 or is even a valid install, and 2) if 6.4 is, or is not, supported for Glassfish?

thanks and regards Seán

How to make cascading dropdowns with database values?

Hi all!

I want to add three cascading dropdowns in one of my forms. Each dropdown values are dependent to the one above it. The values are mapped in a mysql database.

Based on what I read, one possible approach is to use the HTML widget, manually code the dropdowns, and use jquery and ajax to handle the events/queries on each dropdown. I can then use bonita's rest API to pass the values from each dropdowns into predefined bonita variables which can be used in succeeding tasks/forms.

C# - Using REST API to get list of Processes - 401 Unauthorized

I am trying to use Bonita Web API. I My code is below. As you can see I call the loginservice before calling any other API service. It logs in OK 200. But when I make the subsequent call to get the list of processes I get a 401 error. You get a JSESSIONID from the first call and you are suppose to pass it to the subsequent calls to authenticate you. I'm using Bonita 6.3

How can I tell what the API url is?

When I try to call a service at http:///bonita/api/bpm/case for example. I get a 404 error. I am thinking my url is wrong. I can I find out what the right url is?

I am running Bonita 6.3 Community Edition

Creating a Case - Web API

I am getting a 401 Unauthorized when trying to create a case using the Web API.

I call the loginservice and get back a success 200. Then I call the case service and I get a 401.

I used a web proxy to give me more details and it say something about my request not containg a P3P Header. After Googling I think there is a problem with the JSESSIONID cookie being set. It is not being set. Has anyone experienced this? What do I do?

Calling Web API method - Case

I successfully call the login service and get back a session id. Then I call the case web service passing the jsessionid in the json and I get a 401 back what am I doing wrong?

Pass a variable to a form URL

I was looking at this article.

My application URL is formatted differently to what is in the article. It is in the format of


Is this the same thing?

That is the URL to the form after I log in.

Web API Example - Pass data to an application

I have been looking through the documentation and I can't seem to figure this out.

I have an application in BonitaSoft 6.3. Is there an example of how to pass values to an application?

Any links to a specific example would be greatly appreciated.

Modelling Problem with Process Diagram

It may be silly for some but I am having a lot of trouble modelling with what i think is not a complex diagram. Please help me model this, a simple drawing would help

Start task by user Then Task 1 and Task2 are available for some to do them, After Task 1 is completed I need to send a mail and in case of error sending the mail i need to retry every 6 hours. Task3 requires Task1 and Task2 done.

Other Specifications: I do not know if Task1 runs before than Task2 so i think it can't be made by throwing signals or events...