¿How can I obtain JSON data from bonita using JQuery?

I try to connect to bonita BPM using a jQuery function with following code:

jQuery version upgrade on portal

Hello community

By default, Bonita uses jQuery v1.6.4 on Portal and all process pages. I would like to use some custom widgets, which require jQuery v1.8+

Is there any way to upgrade jQuery version? I tried manually change BonitaConsole.html file, but look&feel crashes...

Thanks in advance,

Is there a way to add 'id' attributes to the form elements in the UI Designer?

I need to know if there is a way to add ids to form elements in the UI designer.
In the 6.5 forms I was able to add my own ids to elements using the General Tab> options > HTML attributes feature on the widgets.

REST services using JQuery and the PUT method

Hello developers,

I am using the REST API of Bonita BPM Community version 7.0.0.
As a customer, REST I use JQuery 2.1.4.

What is happening to me is that when I call REST services with the PUT method, it works well and operation makes it, but the answer always gives me an error.


Acceder a campos del formulario on document.ready devuelve "undefined"


Estoy elaborando un workflow con Bonita BPM Comunity Edition 7.0.1 que consta de 3 pasos

1- Un usuario abre una incidencia para reparar un dispositivo
2- Un responsable revisa la incidencia y la aprueba/deniega
3- Si ha sido aprobada en el paso 2, un operario realiza la reparación.

El paso 1 consta de un formulario creado en el pool principal el cual tiene 2 widgets de tipo Select. Uno de ellos, mediante un widget HTML se carga en el momento que el documento esta listo $(document).ready(....) mediante una función:

Using jQuery in Custom Widgets (Bonita 7)

How can I use jquery in my custom widgets? I have code like the following in my controller function:

How to Resolve the 404 (Not Found) "jquery-migrate.min.map" and "sprite.png" Console Errors:

If you see something like the image below in your console, you're not alone. Even with a clean install of Bonitasoft 6.5.1 (the latest version atm), you may be presented with these errors. The missing "jquery-migrate.min.map" file is not an actual error (more on this later). The missing "sprite.png" image is an actual error that Bonitasoft will need to correct in a future update. These errors will not cause Bonita BPM to malfunction, but they are an eye sore for developers who are debugging JavaScript.

Problem loading jquery


I'm using 5.10.1 version.

I need use JQuery in some Bonita Forms, For reach it, I have added in the HEAD page the instructions to load the JQuery lib and the file whch contain my jquery code:

Problema al cargar jquery

Buenas tardes a todos!

Uso la versión 5.10.1.

Necesito usar JQuery en algunos de mis formularios de bonita, para ello, en el head de la página cargo primero la librería jquery, y a continuación el fichero .js que contiene mi código jquery:

How to make cascading dropdowns with database values?

Hi all!

I want to add three cascading dropdowns in one of my forms. Each dropdown values are dependent to the one above it. The values are mapped in a mysql database.

Based on what I read, one possible approach is to use the HTML widget, manually code the dropdowns, and use jquery and ajax to handle the events/queries on each dropdown. I can then use bonita's rest API to pass the values from each dropdowns into predefined bonita variables which can be used in succeeding tasks/forms.