Getting 401 unauthorized error in web rest API creating new case

Hello everybody,

I'm having a similar issue as the one described in this question:

I'm trying to instantiate a testing process, on ACME organization with the user walter.bates. I can do it using the portal UI, but through the API REST I'm getting 401 unauthorized error.

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security API REST

Bonita 7.5.4, Community
I have a project with some process that accesses to API REST from forms. In the studio, there is no problem but in production, only the profile 'administrator' can access to the API REST.

I have resolved the problem by editing the parameter "security.rest.api.authorizations.check.enabled" to false [..\setup\platform_conf\current\tenants\1\tenant_portal\security-config.propierties]

Get process information using the REST API


I want to get the possible paths that process can go from the actual state, per example, my process is in the to approve document step, after this step I have a gateway that goes to two possible steps depending from the user answer in the previous step. Then I need I REST service that give me possible ways of the next step, approve or reprove, I need this because I want to show the buttons dynamically, depending of possible actions that user can do.

Is possible to get this via REST API?

Murilo Faria

Error 401 when instantiating a process using REST API


I'm trying to instantiate a process using REST API, but I'm getting 401 Unauthorized error.

I passed the right cookies so much that I get results from the following:


I'm using the same user that I start the process from portal, and there it works fine.
My process has no constraints or inputs, then I passed no body data.

Here is the Raw Request:

Setting REST Permissions

I am getting a 403 error (forbidden) when a user with "User" profile try to attach a file to a case.

I have tried unsuccessfully to resolve this error by:

  • Adding profile|User=[document_management] to the custom-permissions-mapping.properties file
  • Setting security.rest.api.authorizations.check.enabled to false in the security-config.properties file

Any help would be appreciated.


Greg Babcock

Parameters for connectors - Validation

I'm trying to use a parameter for a REST client, and I can´t find a way to provide the correct value to the conector.
I't seems that it is validating the parameter VALUE against this regular expression:(^[a-zA-Z]+|^\$)[a-zA-Z0-9$]*

this is the stacktrace:

How to convert code and id in forms bonita?


I need to convert the id and code to name. I save the id and code in my main table instead of the name. But when I display the content of table it shows the id and code. I have tables that handle the equivalent of the code and id. How can i convert it in my UI Designer. Please help. Thanks

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See Repository on Github.

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Unable to login via rest API

I am using the community version to develop a proof on concept. I am trying to create the ability for users to create their own account via a web application. To do this I am planning to create a standalone web service with administrator credentials to create the accounts.

The problem that I am having is that when I try to login to the portal via the API it returns

"Unable to log in. Please check your username and password"

With Interceptor installed I can login via the portal and successfully execute other API calls via Postman.

Getting a group from API Rest

Hi, Im using Bonita 7.3.3

Im using the structure provided by Bonita (organitation, groups, roles...). In a form, I load a selector with the groups information with the call API:


When the user select one item, the value (id) is saved in a variable and later in a field for a BDM called "X".

In another form, I have a container with a selector. The selector load the records of "X" bdm. I want that when user select a record, in a input show the "displayName" of the "group" saved at "X". I have done this with two vars: