Users Permissions

Disable access to portal main page for selected users

Hi, whether it is possible to block access for selected users to portal main page ?
This users should have only access to application pages no to main portal page.
Access to portal page resource determine profile_visualization, look_and_fell and profile_management permissions from, so is it possible to deprive access for current user (that have User profile) to this permissions ?.

Bonita 7.8 - setup pull and custompermissions

Hi, i install locally Bonita Studio 7.8. When i'm try to run setup.bat (windows) pull i get folders to /setup/platform_conf/current and i get only 6 folders (platform_engine, platform_init_engine, platform_portal, tenant_template_engine, tenant_template_portal, tenant_template_security_scripts) but i should also get folder /tenants with sub-folder /1 .
In version 7.7.4 (Studio) i have this folder when i get pull.
Why i doesn't have this folder and how can i get it or in other way how to add custom permissions :) ?.
I will be grateful for your response :).

Setting REST Permissions

I am getting a 403 error (forbidden) when a user with "User" profile try to attach a file to a case.

I have tried unsuccessfully to resolve this error by:

  • Adding profile|User=[document_management] to the file
  • Setting to false in the file

Any help would be appreciated.


Greg Babcock

How can we check user permissions ?

Hi guys,

I'm trying to understand how REST API's permissions work with Bonita 7.4, if someone can provide any info it would be nice :)

So here's what I understood :

How i can to assign permission to a new users recently created?


I have some questions as the following:

(1) Which permissions are there in bonita?
(2) What kind of permissions that are there in bonita
(3)How i can to assign a visualization permissions of bonita
(4)How i can assign wich users can to start a case?
(5)How i can assign, which users can to create users?
(6)How i can assign, which users can to see the administrator panel of Bonita Portal?