Case overview authoriation


As i understand Bonita's default behavior is to limit case overview access to users involved in the case & admins.

I followed the guide at the documentation here to override this behavior carefully, I even used the reference project mentioned there to make sure i wasn't doing anything wrong, However, Default behavior isn't affected at all, Using Bonita community v 7.9.0.

What i did:

Dynamic permission doesn't work in community version

I want to use Dynamic permission to restrict access to users. Actually, I wand to let the user access and modify only himself.
I added below codes in

Search Bonita Portal Users returns "no data"


I'm trying to search users in Admin Page on Bonita Portal 6.5.4 on Centos 6x, and Bonita Engine returns no data. I can't change passwords or disable users!

The bonita.log returns:


2019-02-05 14:43:57 org.bonitasoft.console.common.server.login.datastore.LoginDatastore
SEVERE: Error while logging in the engine API.

Can someone help me, please!

Thanks in advance,


Further information: I read other forum quesitions like: