Case overview authoriation


As i understand Bonita's default behavior is to limit case overview access to users involved in the case & admins.

I followed the guide at the documentation here to override this behavior carefully, I even used the reference project mentioned there to make sure i wasn't doing anything wrong, However, Default behavior isn't affected at all, Using Bonita community v 7.9.0.

What i did:

Retrieve the context from an archived case

Hi everyone,

I’m using Bonita 7.3.3, and my concern deals with a custom overview page for both active and archived cases.

I succeed on making one for an active case (when I select a task and go to the third tab), but I can’t figure it out when it comes to archived cases.

I understood that the API has to be built differently.
For the next example, “caseId”, usually an URL parameter type valued "id", is set to 49001.

Is it possible to replicate the default overview page and then edit it?

I like the look of the default overview page but there are some things about it that I'd like to change, mostly around the way that the Business Data is arranged. However, if I go and edit the overview page in the Studio it defaults back to a list of the fields in the data model, removing things like the timeline.

What I would like to do is take a copy of the auto-generated overview page and then change it. Is this a possibility?

Do we have an API that links to the BDM context of an archived case!

We can get the link to the context of an open case with this "../API/bpm/case/{id}/context".
Do we have a similar thing to do this for an archive case?

If this does not exist, is there any workaround to access the BDM details for a closed case!


Bonita 7 / Are business objects (BDM) accessible in the process overview page


My first test process with Bonita 7 uses a business object to model its main data elements, and uses contracts for tasks pages. In all the tasks pages, the business object is available, using a variable of type "external API" like "../{{context.request_ref.link}}" where "request" is my process object, and forms fields can refer to the needed elements through the variable.

Case Overview : The engine was not able to know if the user is involved in the process instance. Error while executing command:

I am trying to create a manager profile where I assign a manage case tab for this profile. I am not able to overview cases done by other users. I get the error :

How to distinguish open case from archived case.


I am using Bonita Community 6.3. I would like to create an overview pageflow. Specifically i would like to have a form on case level containing some data about process instance (starteBy, startedDate etc.). So in widget's initial value script I am getting ProcessInstance to get this data. The problem emerges when the case finishes and is moved to archive. I know that I can get ArchiveProcessInstance by