How to upload a file URL to the postgres database using process variables. Also how to call that uploaded file in a form again to download it

I have prepared a form using the process variable. Now I have to attach a file from the user, This File must be uploaded on the database and another user will download it from another form. So how to upload files to the database and call them for downloading

Business variables initialization problem


Since version 7.10.2 I have encountered a problem in the studio. After importing a BOS model I can no longer modify the initialization script for business data. I can modify the script but when I leave the window my changes are not saved.

It works with version 7.10.1

Is this a known problem?

Thank you

Auto run next task for same actor

Hi All,

We're starting out with Bonita and have followed the getting started and example projects.

However, we have a scenario where based on form data entered, we may need to have the user answer more questions.

These currently look like this:

- "Review case details" -> "Is Client [x]" -> "If Yes: Capture extra data".

We find it more efficient to capture the information while the process is beng run. How would you guys recommend this is approached?

Many thanks.


Assign parallel task to multiple groups and users


I have an interesting query: How can I have a human task be assigned and completed in a parallel way by a number of selected groups and/or users?

The idea is that the initiator would select a list of groups and specific users to assign a Human Task step to. Each group/user needs to be able to complete their copy of the task simultaneously to the others. The task should only be completed once everyone assigned has completed it.

Thanks in advance.

Rest API Extension deployment

Hi guys,
We were wondering if there is a way to deploy all the REST API Extensions at once for the Studio ?

Use Case : I import my workspace in a new local repository, I have 10 REST API Extensions.
For now I have to select the Extensions one by one, and select Deploy...

Can we do a global maven build ? How can I know the Maven Phase executed by the Studio when you click on Deploy... ?

Cheers :)

Mysql 8 compatibility


Anybody tried Bonita 7.6.* with Mysql 8.0, It is throwing unable to connect to db error.

Prevent JS execution on every keystroke


I have a collection of text input widgets on a simple UI Designer form, as well as some javascript expression variables that are dependent on them. Currently, the js expressions execute on every keystroke captured in the inputs.

How can I ensure that the js expressions only execute when the user is finished entering data into the text widgets? I assume I can do this by making use of onKeyUp or similar with a JS timeout function, but I'm not sure how to go about doing this in UI designer.

The text input data will not have a specific minimum length.

Get java.io.File from attached document


How can I convert an attached document to a standard Java File type in a Groovy Script Connector?

Thanks in advance.

Setting BDM in script connector


How would one normally update the value of a BDM Business Variable within a groovy script connector?

I've tried:
myBusinessVariable.value = "";


but neither seem to work.
Unfortunately I need to update 50+ variables like this, so using Operations is going to take a while to do, especially since each variable is going to need some processing done before being set. Ideally I want to be able to do this in a single script connector.