Is the BDM used only for the default organization "ACME" ??

Assign parallel task to multiple groups and users


I have an interesting query: How can I have a human task be assigned and completed in a parallel way by a number of selected groups and/or users?

The idea is that the initiator would select a list of groups and specific users to assign a Human Task step to. Each group/user needs to be able to complete their copy of the task simultaneously to the others. The task should only be completed once everyone assigned has completed it.

Thanks in advance.

Release Task for Everyone in the Organization

I was able to get the user ID of the session that started the process, assign it to a process variable so that the user does not need to pick up the task again, however how can I do it so that if the user releases the task it becomes available again for everyone Organization again

Aligning organisation between portal and studio

How do I get changes made to the organization (eg: adding a group) via the admin portal to show up in the studio so that I can configure actors to use the groups?

I understand that you have to "publish" to go the other way (studio -> portal) but cant find the portal -> studio mapping.