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If you have some "reference" data in your BDM (like a list of countries, a list of airports, etc.) or this kind of list is stored in an external database?

BookMobile saves your day! With that page, just reference the BDM you want to access or any external database you like and you will be able to directly add, edit, search data.

Releases for BookMobile - Edit directly any BDM object, or external reference table

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1.0 7.12.x, 7.11.x, 7.10.x 2021-May-26 Download
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Error to get data in the form from a database where you have done manual loading from a csv

I have bonitasoft 7.10 and I connected it with mariadb. When I create cases I can get the values ​​from the database with the bdm. The problem is that when I upload the data to that same database from a csv then I cannot see that data in my form. It only shows the ones loaded by the platform. If anyone knows what is happening please I would appreciate your support.

Thank you

Trier par donnée dans un formulaire un champ bdm


Je vous explique mon problème.

j'ai deux tables : une table secteur et une table lycée qui a un lien avec la table secteur. Un user appartient à un secteur et j'aimerais que lors du formulaire, il n'est que le choix des lycées qui sont dans son secteur. Par conséquent il faudrait trier la liste des lycées par le secteur du user. Cela est-il possible et si cela l'est, comment peut-on faire ?

Je vous remercie par avance de vos réponses.



Error while running query: operator does not exist: character varying ~~ bytea


I've been using Bonita for two years and developed some processes and reports well.

Almost all reports use custom query, some of them call query by rest API and others call them direct.

For example:

../API/extension/myreport?p={{pageNumber - 1}}&c={{numberOfItems}}{{params}}


../API/bdm/businessData/org.iut.model.table?q=findReq&p={{pageNumber - 1}}&c={{pageSize}}{{params2}}

Hibernate error on named query, server doesn't start : how to fix BDM on server without any access to the admin interface ?


I have a problem with an hibernate error on a named query.

I have deployed on a Bonita server a bad BDM with an error in a custom query. The deploy succeed but an hibernate error occurs and the server doesn't start after the update.

How can I see the query on my H2 database ?


Using the studio (so a H2 database), I want to see the different query Hibernates run when I do a "myBdmObject.findByPersistenceId()"

Is that possible to switch the H2 driver in a "log" mode, then access al the different queries?

Thank you

Error after installing BDM on budle Tomcat + Postgres platform

Hi! Please help!

Community Studio 7.10.3

Community Bundle Tomcat Platform 7.10.4

Postgre 9.3

After importing the Studio BDM from Studio, the tables are created in Postgres. When restarting the platform, errors occur and the platform does not start.

Before import the BDM the platform is working, created users, etc... but restart the bundle:


What is the correct BDM Custom Query?


Here my BDM (3 objects)

Employee <-1:1 -> Contact (name)

Employee <1-n> Phone (phoneNumber)

Request 1 :

I want to find an EMPLOYE from a CONTACT.NAME

CustomQuery on EMPLOYEE

Is the request is: select e from EMPLOYEE e where e.contact.name = :name ?

Request 2 :

search an EMPLOYE form a Phone Number

CustomQuery on EMPLOYEE

Is the request is:

select e from EMPLOYEE e where e.phone.phonenumber = :phonenumber?

what does java.lang.IllegalStateException: The BDR is not started means?

Hello !

Version 7.10.1

When I deploy my BDM in the portal, everything is ok.

But when I do a REST API to find a BDM value, I got this error

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: The BDR is not started
What does it means ?

The complete log:

List of options in BDM?


I'm new to Bonita and I'm wondering why it's possible to create a list of options variable as a process variable but not as a BDM object attribute? Is there a way to do it?