Hibernate error on named query, server doesn't start : how to fix BDM on server without any access to the admin interface ?


I have a problem with an hibernate error on a named query.

I have deployed on a Bonita server a bad BDM with an error in a custom query. The deploy succeed but an hibernate error occurs and the server doesn't start after the update.

How can I see the query on my H2 database ?


Using the studio (so a H2 database), I want to see the different query Hibernates run when I do a "myBdmObject.findByPersistenceId()"

Is that possible to switch the H2 driver in a "log" mode, then access al the different queries?

Thank you

Error after installing BDM on budle Tomcat + Postgres platform

Hi! Please help!

Community Studio 7.10.3

Community Bundle Tomcat Platform 7.10.4

Postgre 9.3

After importing the Studio BDM from Studio, the tables are created in Postgres. When restarting the platform, errors occur and the platform does not start.

Before import the BDM the platform is working, created users, etc... but restart the bundle:


What is the correct BDM Custom Query?


Here my BDM (3 objects)

Employee <-1:1 -> Contact (name)

Employee <1-n> Phone (phoneNumber)

Request 1 :

I want to find an EMPLOYE from a CONTACT.NAME

CustomQuery on EMPLOYEE

Is the request is: select e from EMPLOYEE e where e.contact.name = :name ?

Request 2 :

search an EMPLOYE form a Phone Number

CustomQuery on EMPLOYEE

Is the request is:

select e from EMPLOYEE e where e.phone.phonenumber = :phonenumber?

what does java.lang.IllegalStateException: The BDR is not started means?

Hello !

Version 7.10.1

When I deploy my BDM in the portal, everything is ok.

But when I do a REST API to find a BDM value, I got this error

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: The BDR is not started
What does it means ?

The complete log:

List of options in BDM?


I'm new to Bonita and I'm wondering why it's possible to create a list of options variable as a process variable but not as a BDM object attribute? Is there a way to do it?


How to retrieve object attributes in an object(BDM)?

Hi everybody,

I have a BDM called VendorRequest like this: here

And the question derives from the selected row: BU(BusinessUnit) is another class I defined earlier.

At the submit form where the user fills the VendorRequest form, I can successfully choose the BusinessUnit information, which presents as BU_PID in my H2 database like this.

CRUD Tutorial in Bonitasoft

Hello, does bonitasoft provides a complete tutorial or sample project of Create, Update and "Delete" into a one application? Please let me know if anyone has the tutorial or sample project of it. I am very thankful if someone willing to give me a tutorial. This is my first time using BPM, im still learning on this.

How to Delete Data

Hello, How to delete data that i have selected from table row? here is the screenshot of my project https://www.dropbox.com/s/qg4sjoxyyllqurj/Capture.PNG?dl=0 I want to add a delete function right beside the submit button. I want the data also deleted in database as well. Does anybody here know how to do that? thank you

How to visualize only the last 10 orders in a case overview page using a Custom Query and APIs?

Hello everybody,

It may be a simple question but no matter how hard I try, I can't find a solution.

Here is the context:
Similar to the "Travel Request" tutorial, I have a case overview page but with one Table widget that allows me to see the status of my order (pending, rejected or approved). For instance:

------- ----------
Cust. | Status
------- ----------
1 | approved
------- ----------
2 | rejected
------- ----------
3 | pending
------- ----------