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Database schema is not updated after changes made to BDM


I'm facing a problem where a change made to the BDM is seemingly not reflected in the database schema, and that causes errors while executing certain tasks.

Obtener datos en el formulario desde una base de datos donde haya hecho carga manual desde un csv

Tengo bonitasoft 7.10 y la conecté con mariadb. Cuando creo casos puedo obtener los valores de la base de datos con el bdm puesto en el ui designer. El problema es que cuando cargo los datos a esa misma base de datos desde un csv entonces no puedo ver esos datos en mi formulario. Solo muestra los que cargue por la pataforma. Si alguien sabe que está sucediendo por favor agradeceria su apoyo.


Error to get data in the form from a database where you have done manual loading from a csv

I have bonitasoft 7.10 and I connected it with mariadb. When I create cases I can get the values ​​from the database with the bdm. The problem is that when I upload the data to that same database from a csv then I cannot see that data in my form. It only shows the ones loaded by the platform. If anyone knows what is happening please I would appreciate your support.

Thank you

How to retrieve object attributes in an object(BDM)?

Hi everybody,

I have a BDM called VendorRequest like this: here

And the question derives from the selected row: BU(BusinessUnit) is another class I defined earlier.

At the submit form where the user fills the VendorRequest form, I can successfully choose the BusinessUnit information, which presents as BU_PID in my H2 database like this.

Database Error, dbVendor is null

Hello! Bonita was working fine, but unexpectelly (after windows 10 license upgrade) stop to work. database.properties and setenv.bat files are both properly configured. I tried too with setup tool, but same error appears. Im using tomcat server 8 and bonita 7.7:

localhost.2020-01-15 logfile:

Character limit doesn't change on BDM update


I am using postgresql with bonita. There's a business object that has a string attribute with 255 character limit. I tried changing it (to several different values on different occasions like 1000 or 3000) both through studio or directly from bom.xml but changes don't apply to database. It is still 255 on database, but I can see it in xml file and Business Data Model section (on local) that it has the value I gave. If I change it on database directly, then I cannot update BDM, it gives an error and doesn't update the previous BDM with the zip I have.

upload and download file to BDM Database

Hello, does anybody here know how to upload excel file and download excel file to bdm database? previously i created similar question here https://community.bonitasoft.com/node/33108#node-33131, but the sample given wasn't suit to my project. So let me explain a bit what my project need. In my Project there is a features called upload and download excel file to or from BDM database. Upload and download is a seperate process.

business data "f1" with class name "com.company.model.F1" is not managed by the current version of BDM?

when i change the database.properties configuration file to mysql i have the following problem :
business data "f1" with class name "com.company.model.F1" is not managed by the current version of BDM

Crear un BDM

Estoy creando un nuevo proceso y cuando intento enlazar el proceso con un Modelo de Negocio no me aparece ninguno, lo creo , le doy a finalizar y nunca aparece. Tengo que configurar algo especial para crear el Modelo de Negocio?

Mucahs Gracias.

why do I have Unique index or primary key violation error?


When I run my process in Bonita Studio, Sometimes I have Unique index or primary key violation error. The time of this error is where I want to save an new row in BDM.
with reset engine and run it again, it doesn't work. To fix this error I have to edit PERSISTENCEID of last row in my table !!!
Do you have any idea that what's the reason of the error??