Can I upgrade Apache Tomcat to the newer version?


We'd used Bonita (7.7) as part of the system. Last month, the client had told us that they wanted to upgrade Apache Tomcat to the latest version. My concern is that when we firstly implemented the system, Bonita was installed with Tomcat bundle, so I'm not sure will there be any issue if Apache Tomcat was upgraded separately.

Is it ok if I upgrade Apache Tomcat without upgrading Bonita? Are there anything I need to concern after upgrading?

Thank you in advance.

When I start Portal the 404 page opens

When I start Portal for the first time, the 404 page appears with the below details:

HTTP Status 404 – Not Found

Type Status Report

Message The requested resource [/bonita/loginservice] is not available

Description The origin server did not find a current representation for the target resource or is not willing to disclose that one exists.

CORS problems


I have some error with my CORS configuration:
I already follow this link :
In my web.xml ( in my bonita.war) i have added:

org.apache.catalina.filters.CorsFilter *

cors.allowed.methods GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS

Install and Configure BonitaSubscription 7.9.x bundle Tomcat at CentOS7 with PostgreSQL 9.2

I'm trying to install and configure BonitaSubscription 7.9.x bundle with Tomcat 8 at CentOS7 server with PostgreSQL 9.2.... Unfortunately getting some errors at configuration stage :(
Installed PostgreSQL 9.2. with Tomcat 8 and trying to configure according to: Platform configuration setup tool

When using a setup tool, either way, " init " or " configure" getting the errors like:

How to connect a new installed Tomcat-Bonita server to an existing Bonita database

We have an operational Windows-Tomcat7/Bonita7.2.2 (community) installation, configured for Oracle11g
All good. It has been running a process successfully for a couple of years. Hundreds of Cases open.

Unfortunately we need to replace the VM that is hosting the Tomcat/Bonita server in the next 2 weeks.
Of course we want to keep the existing database and Processes/Cases/etc.

Cambio de Tomcat a Wildfly con la misma base de datos Postgres

Hice la instalación del Bonita Suscripción Tomcat Bundle con acceso a la base de datos Postgres y con licencia válida con éxito.

Paré el servicio e hice una nueva instalación en el mismo servidor en path diferente usando el Bonita Subscription Wildfly Bundle con acceso a la misma base de datos ya existente y la misma licencia de la instalación con Tomcat y con eso el BonitaSoft no subió correctamente. ¿Es posible realizar este tipo de instalación? ¿Y cuál es la mejor referencia para eso?

Step by Step Tomcat Bundle Installation Ubuntu 16

I am having a tricky time installing the application to a production(not using H2) environment using the Tomcat Bundle (Ubuntu). Is there a video resource that shows a step by step process of installing the application, as i couldnt find one on the site, or one start to page. The one found in the guidelines is un clear in certain places especially seeing as i am new to most of this.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Bonitasoft Tomcat cannot find path

Very new to Bonita here...

I am getting an error when using the startup-bonita.bat file that says 'The system cannot find the path specified'. I'm not sure what path it is referring to. I have gone through both the startup-bonita.bat as well as the setup.bat file looking to find a directory that is missing but I cannot find one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Change default permission for log files


I am trying to change the default permissions for log files created by Bonita on the server.

I'm speaking of all files in BONITA_HOME/server/logs
With a standard install, log files are created with rwxr-----
I want them to be rwxr--r-- (add read permission to all users)

In the file "BONITA_HOME/server/bin/", a script sets UMASK:

# Set UMASK unless it has been overridden
if [ -z "$UMASK" ]; then
umask $UMASK

I tried to set the following code in "BONITA_HOME/server/bin/" :

Bontita 7.5 con sqlserver

He instalado la última versión de bonita (7.5), entonces he instalado la última versión de java (jdk-8u131-windows-x64).

Después de eso, configuré el sqlserver con la base de datos BONITA_BPM, y segui todos los pasos para la configuración de sqlserver.

Luego segui todos los pasos para la configuración del tomact.

Pero cuando voy a la carpeta C: \ BonitaBPMCommunity-7.5.0 \ workspace \ tomcat y ejecuto el archivo start-bonita.bat en la carpeta, consigo este error.