bonita.xml PostgreSQL example introuvable

Bonjour la communauté,

Je suis actuellement en train de configurer une architecture Bonita Communauty 2021.1 (ubuntu-openjdk-tomcat-postgresql) avec cette documentation :


Error while running query: operator does not exist: character varying ~~ bytea


I've been using Bonita for two years and developed some processes and reports well.

Almost all reports use custom query, some of them call query by rest API and others call them direct.

For example:

../API/extension/myreport?p={{pageNumber - 1}}&c={{numberOfItems}}{{params}}


../API/bdm/businessData/org.iut.model.table?q=findReq&p={{pageNumber - 1}}&c={{pageSize}}{{params2}}

Error while executing POST request with postgres DB on docker


I am trying to connect my bonita platform (desktop version) to a postgres DB mointed on docker.

My Bonita project was deploying and running smoothly when i was on an H2 DB. But when I modified the configuration to connect it to a postgres DB and deployed the my BDM, I got the following error :

ERROR: org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.spi.SqlExceptionHelper Bad value for type long


First of all I am new into Bonita so sorry for any mistakes in describing a problem.
I have a project using Bonita with postgres. I created a table that contained several columns - some was string (character varying 255), some was text. After few days it happened that one string column must been extended to text size. When I changed my bom.xml file and deployed it Bonita does not altered a table so I made it manually. Now there is no problem with inserting any value, but when reading data I have an exception:

Custom Query with LIKE operator works well on studio but not when deployed

Hi all,

I'm having some trouble with a custom query with LIKE operator when I deploy the BDM to portal. Here the details.

To connect to the Database, we need to go to the database access information screen

Where i can find this database access screen? . I am unable to find it and you have also methioned about the checkinig of graphical query builder. Just let me know the methods to connect to database like postgres and mongodb or mysql.

Way to connect to my simple form application with postgres database, as by default we are on H2 db?

In the documentation you have given quite difficult approach to connect to any database. Please provide some easy way to do the same thing.

Postgress - two phase commit does not supported

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to run a simple process that search a businessData object with a request like this:
Operation : searchResult [BusinessData] take the value of MyBusinessData.findByPersistanceId

The request of MyBusinessData.findByPersistanceId is :

FROM cDocument c
WHERE c.persistenceId= :persistenceId

When i'm running this process, I've got this error:

Cómo definir tamaño variable a un campo tipo TEXT de un BDM en Postgresql?

Estoy usando Bonita v.7.5 con una base de datos Postgresql v.10 en la cual tengo campos definidos tipo TEXT. Revisando el archivo XML de la BDM en los campos TEXT se crea un tamaño por defecto de 255 bytes. Por el momento cambio el valor a 1024 o un tamaño mayor. Pero quisiera saber si hay alguna forma de definirlo para que sea variable, hay un atributo a agregar?

Gracias de antemano y saludos.