Configure Bonita Portal to start automatically when server reboots on Ubuntu/Linux


I'm trying to configure the server which is Ubuntu/Linux s.o to start automatically Bonita Portal every time the server reboots. I've tried with crontab -e command, along with the rc.local that I've found on the Internet, but none of them worked.

Can you help me please how to do it correctly?

Bonita ActiveMQ

Hola con todos, mi pregunta es sobre las actividades del Bonita, es posible que las actividades creadas en el Bonita llamen a una funcionalidad en ActiveMQ?

Quedo a la espera de sus comentarios.


Problemas al consumir desde el eclipse las tareas del Bonita

Cuando trato de ejecutar una tarea manual en el Bonita desde el eclipse, me sale el siguiente error.

Export the Archived Case details

Hello everyone,
As we can view the details of archived case(After completion of the process) by logging in as Administrator...I need some help to find is there any way to Export those details in documented format or something.

Thanks in Advance

Questions regarding software/hardware requirements for installing Bonita

Hi All,
We are installing Bonita version 7.2.3, which will be integrated with our application - PROS Pricing Solution Suite (PPSS). I have a few questions regarding the compatibility.

Mysql 8 compatibility


Anybody tried Bonita 7.6.* with Mysql 8.0, It is throwing unable to connect to db error.

How to change search filters on the portal of the "task" tab


The "filters" box on the "Tasks" tab searches the tasks only for "Task Name". Is there any way I can configure this filter to perform searches using other search keys? For example, from searches using "Process Name", "Name of the User that started the Task", among others. Explain in detail, I do not have much knowledge in this area. Is there any tutorial ready for this?

If I create a REST API extension can I change this filter search functionality? Explain how I can do this.

Thank you very much, any information can be helpful.

getResource fails with error java.lang.NullPointerException

Hello everyone,

I have a problem I have been wrestling with for most of the day so I hope someone can shine some light on this for me. This is the error I receive:

org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.connector.ConnectorExecutionException: USERNAME=install | org.bonitasoft.engine.core.connector.exception.SConnectorException: org.bonitasoft.engine.connector.exception.SConnectorException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.NullPointerException

UI Designer for final user

Hi please i need your help..

Is possible offer the use of the UI Designer to the final users? I mean if exists a requirement where the final user need create yourself screens (forms) is possible with UI Designer?

I am attent.


Update parameters of a Bonita task

We are trying to change the parameters of a Bonita task using Put method in a REST API. We are using url API/bpm/task/ + taskID
For example, for state, we passed the json: "{"state":"completed"}" and we got the following error: StatusCode: 500, ReasonPhrase: 'Internal Server Error'
Can you help, please?