How a INCLUSIVE gateways works in a non symetric diagram?


Please visit this process


In this process, I have this

+------ Blue ? ---> BLUE -------------------------------------- |

S ==> INCLUSIVE (Color) +--- Winter? -----------------> INCLUSE(Final)

+--- Red ?--> INCLUSIVE(Season) |

Auto run next task for same actor

Hi All,

We're starting out with Bonita and have followed the getting started and example projects.

However, we have a scenario where based on form data entered, we may need to have the user answer more questions.

These currently look like this:

- "Review case details" -> "Is Client [x]" -> "If Yes: Capture extra data".

We find it more efficient to capture the information while the process is beng run. How would you guys recommend this is approached?

Many thanks.


How to Call Another Process in different diagram

Hello everyone, Does anybody here know how to call another process in different diagram? For example I have an input process, i want to open edit page in another diagram through the menu input process.

Postgress - two phase commit does not supported

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to run a simple process that search a businessData object with a request like this:
Operation : searchResult [BusinessData] take the value of MyBusinessData.findByPersistanceId

The request of MyBusinessData.findByPersistanceId is :

FROM cDocument c
WHERE c.persistenceId= :persistenceId

When i'm running this process, I've got this error:

Can't upload a case document through /bpm/caseDocument POST request

Using bonitaVersion: 7.3.2
I'm not able to upload a document through ../bpm/caseDocument POST request
request_payload is
{"caseId": 38012, "file":"test.doc", "name":"myTestList","fileName":"test_1.doc", "name":"testfiles", "description":""}
and response is
"exception": "class java.lang.IllegalArgumentException",
"message": "Can't parse JSon",
"stacktrace": [