How to Call Another Process in different diagram

Hello everyone, Does anybody here know how to call another process in different diagram? For example I have an input process, i want to open edit page in another diagram through the menu input process.

Postgress - two phase commit does not supported

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to run a simple process that search a businessData object with a request like this:
Operation : searchResult [BusinessData] take the value of MyBusinessData.findByPersistanceId

The request of MyBusinessData.findByPersistanceId is :

FROM cDocument c
WHERE c.persistenceId= :persistenceId

When i'm running this process, I've got this error:

Can't upload a case document through /bpm/caseDocument POST request

Using bonitaVersion: 7.3.2
I'm not able to upload a document through ../bpm/caseDocument POST request
request_payload is
{"caseId": 38012, "file":"test.doc", "name":"myTestList","fileName":"test_1.doc", "name":"testfiles", "description":""}
and response is
"exception": "class java.lang.IllegalArgumentException",
"message": "Can't parse JSon",
"stacktrace": [