How a INCLUSIVE gateways works in a non symetric diagram?



Please visit this process

In this process, I have this

+------ Blue ? ---> BLUE -------------------------------------- |

S ==> INCLUSIVE (Color) +--- Winter? -----------------> INCLUSE(Final)

+--- Red ?--> INCLUSIVE(Season) |

+--- Spring ? ---------------------|

So, if the process is "Blue + Red + Winter + Spring" it will generate 3 tokens on the FINAL.

If the process is "Red+Winter+Spring", it will generate 3 token on the FINAL

If the process is "Blue", only one token

How Bonita Engine deal with that, and know how many token will arrive on the INCLUSE to open it ?

II / I generate a "loop" : after the INCLUSIVE, if "loop==true", I look back to BLUE and come again on the final. I see in that situation the FINAL does not block the "loop back" token: how it's possible?


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