Why does this custom field have this bug?

I downloaded an autocomplete custom field to fill my need to get the contents of what was written in the field.
I got the custom field here :

But whenever I select something in this autocomplete field my page ends up creating a blank space on the right side with absolutely nothing, if you have a hint of what it could be I thank you.

Get the contents of an autocomplete field

How can I access certain data from an autocomplete field, is this possible? I ask this because I have an automcomplete field that is filled with the content of a request in one of my BDM's but I can not access the content that I select from that field, for example when I do the same with a Dropdown I can perfectly access the given separate company code , Is it possible to do in the autocomplete field?

How to use Autocomplete Widget?

Hello I'm trying to implement the autocomplete widget but I can't find any real simple example.

I basically have a field "User Email" that I would like to be autocompleted with the email of the users in the organization. Then I have another field "User Name" which I would like to populate with the full name (first name + last name) of the autocompleted email.


Need To implement some security Measures in BonitaSoft Portal and subsequent Apps


I need to implement some Security Features in my Portal . below are the list of issues that were identified .
Please point me to the correct documentation or Steps that I need in order to implement the security measures.

1) I observed that AutoComplete was enabled in potentially sensitive form fields. - Disable AutoComplete .

Angular.JS in Community Edition possible?


i want to use the Angular.JS Features with my Bonitasoft Community Edition. (without the customPage Section :-[ )

I develop with the Studio and BonitaSoft 6.4.1 Community.

I've tried to test with the following simple example:

my example.js