autocompletion widget

How to bind script on autocomplete widget when user click on suggestion item?


I have a form with a list of auto complete widget (that display reference ID from a list of product)

I have a script that auto fill others widget from the reference ID of the given item.

I would ike to "bind" or "link" my script to the autocomplete widgets when the user click on any suggestion (onSelect?)

Any hints/recommendations will be highly appreciated.

Best regards

dysfonctionnement du widget d'autocompletition lors du deploiement

J'ai construis un processus de demande d'achat avec BonitaStudioCommunity-7.6.3. J'utilise dans mon premier formulaires un widget autocomplete remplie par des données provenant d'une base de donnée sql server. En environnement de développement tout marche correctement.
Mon problème est que lorsque je déploie mon processus, seul les utilisateurs ayant un profil administrateur peuvent avoir la fonctionnalité d'autocompletition dans le formulaire.

Dysfonction of auto-completion widget during deployment

Hello everyone,
I built a purchase request process with BonitaStudioCommunity-7.6.3. I use in my first form an autocomplete widget filled with data from a sql server database. In a development environment everything works correctly.
My problem is that when I deploy my process, only users with an administrator profile can have the autocompletion feature in the form.
I've done a lot of research and I wonder if this is not a limitation of the Community version. I use the BonitaCommunity-7.8.4-Tomcat-8.5.34 bundle for deployment.

How to use Autocomplete Widget?

Hello I'm trying to implement the autocomplete widget but I can't find any real simple example.

I basically have a field "User Email" that I would like to be autocompleted with the email of the users in the organization. Then I have another field "User Name" which I would like to populate with the full name (first name + last name) of the autocompleted email.


How to save a different key than the displayed key in an autocompletion widget


I'm trying the autocompletion widget. I want to be able to select one bonita user from the registered bonita users and retrieve his id.
I want to display the following key : firstname + " " + lastname, but I want to store in my selectedUser variable another key (the id for instance). My problem is that the key displayed is also the key stored in the variable specified in the value field of the autocompletion widget (selectedUser), and I don't find a way to retrieve the id or the whole user in json format instead.