bonita deployment

Deploying Bonita Studio on production

As per my knowledge, we can currently make our diagram (bos file) on our local machine, and then deploy that bos file. Is it possible to deploy the studio, and let anyone with the right credentials access the deployed studio and make the needed changes.


dysfonctionnement du widget d'autocompletition lors du deploiement

J'ai construis un processus de demande d'achat avec BonitaStudioCommunity-7.6.3. J'utilise dans mon premier formulaires un widget autocomplete remplie par des données provenant d'une base de donnée sql server. En environnement de développement tout marche correctement.
Mon problème est que lorsque je déploie mon processus, seul les utilisateurs ayant un profil administrateur peuvent avoir la fonctionnalité d'autocompletition dans le formulaire.

Dysfonction of auto-completion widget during deployment

Hello everyone,
I built a purchase request process with BonitaStudioCommunity-7.6.3. I use in my first form an autocomplete widget filled with data from a sql server database. In a development environment everything works correctly.
My problem is that when I deploy my process, only users with an administrator profile can have the autocompletion feature in the form.
I've done a lot of research and I wonder if this is not a limitation of the Community version. I use the BonitaCommunity-7.8.4-Tomcat-8.5.34 bundle for deployment.

When Tomcat start as service Bonita give error

hello ,

i installed Tomcat 6.0.37 on windows server 2008 r2 . And then donwload deploye bundle of bonita and change appropriate file . when i start tomcat using : startup.bat all done well and bonita portal run perfactly .

but when i start tomcat is service .

service.bat install then start then startup.bat it will run tomcat but not bonita

error 500 :HTTP Status 500 - org.bonitasoft.console.common.server.utils.DefaultTenantIdException: Can't retrieve default tenant id

org.bonitasoft.console.common.server.utils.DefaultTenantIdException when try to access portal

i m using windows server 2008 r2 and i have already running tomcate i just downloaded deployment package and by mergeing it as per documentation . ho to http://server/bonita but it gives error 500 :org.bonitasoft.console.common.server.utils.DefaultTenantIdException

what should i do ???

BUG: When Server restart , Apps data are clean , have to initialize all again .

hello, i have already installed tomcat server and there are many web app running on . i download Bonita deployment package and configure it , Bonita is properly worked , i installed one app on portal ass well.

but when i restart tomcat server , portal become clean , all installed app are clear and all cases erased . all become as like new it is not well known behavior of any app.

anything i missed on configuration .? or any thing i done wrong ?

can you please suggest what should i do ?

regards kandarp

How to deployee app , created on studio 6.3.1 to bonita deployment bundle .

hello , i m little bit confuse about it , i developed one process in studio 6.3.1

i downloaded Bonita deployment package because tomcat in already installed on my PC . al configure set but when i go to app installation option on portal it only accept bar files and my proc is bos .

how to resolve it thanks kandarp

Amazon Linux, Tomcat 7, mysql 5.5 - The current node has not been started yet

I am unable to get BonitaBPMCommunity version 6.2.3 to run on an Amazon EC2 instance under TomCat7. I have followed this tutorial: and modified it so I can install the software on Amazon Linux (use yum).

Deploying Bonita on custom server

Greetings everyone!

I hope you will be able to help me out with this one. I've made a BPMN process (using BOS 5.10.1.), added several external .jars, custom as well, and now I want to deploy the application on a custom server. However, I'm not familiar with the details of Bonita and how it deploys certain things.

For example: