Help with process that has only .BAR file

I have a problem and I would like to see you if you could help me. I ended up losing the .BOS file plus recent of my process and I only have the .BAR file of this process, is there any way to achieve access to this process from the .BAR file? But this process was developed in version 7.5 of BonitaSoft.

problem to create .bar file


I am using BonitaBpm 7.3.2 but when I tried to create .bar file of the process a messagebox error appears.
When the .bar file is creating, a message box appears that say I have errors in my process but I click continue to the export of the file.
In my process I have 7 warnings not errors and 2 messages of information.
The message error is the following:
Message of error


[SOLVED] Unable to install a process with JBoss

Hi everybody.
I just finished developing the bonita rest extension for my company and i want to switch to the production environment.

Thus, i installed the jboss bundle using Sql Server databases (for both the bonita database and the business data database).
After a few attempts, I managed to install it and everything seems to work fine, except i cannot install the processes from the web portal.

To do so, I use to "build the diagrams" into .bar files, and then install those from the "processes" page with an administrator account.

Error while creating bar file

!ENTRY org.bonitasoft.studio.common 4 0 2015-11-19 09:43:52.768
at org.bonitasoft.studio.engine.export.switcher.AbstractSwitch.handleConnectorInputs(AbstractSwitch.java:106)
at org.bonitasoft.studio.engine.export.switcher.AbstractSwitch.addConnector(AbstractSwitch.java:86)
at org.bonitasoft.studio.engine.export.switcher.FlowElementSwitch.handleCommonActivity(FlowElementSwitch.java:645)

.bar file contains multiple processes from diagram? How do I export a single process within a diagram?

I have a single diagram with multiple processes within it. Using the export function I created .bar files for each process within the diagram.

I send a single .bar file to a collegue and he tried to import this single .bar file. But when he did, he got the full diagram that i made, with all the processes, instead of just the single process associated with the .bar file i gave him.

How to deployee app , created on studio 6.3.1 to bonita deployment bundle .

hello , i m little bit confuse about it , i developed one process in studio 6.3.1

i downloaded Bonita deployment package because tomcat in already installed on my PC . al configure set but when i go to app installation option on portal it only accept bar files and my proc is bos .

how to resolve it thanks kandarp

http error while uploading a .bar

Env: Bonita 6.2.0 on Tomcat 7.047, Win 7.
Bar created with studio 6.2.0
while trying to install an application thru hosted portal, I got "http error" after the .bar file is selected (on local drive) for upload.
The error message appears after a few minutes or seconds, depending on the size of the .bar, but it always happen.
The install button is never enabled.
is there any requirements for the http upload to work?
Like firewall ports open, etc.?