export bar

problem to create .bar file


I am using BonitaBpm 7.3.2 but when I tried to create .bar file of the process a messagebox error appears.
When the .bar file is creating, a message box appears that say I have errors in my process but I click continue to the export of the file.
In my process I have 7 warnings not errors and 2 messages of information.
The message error is the following:
Message of error


Error while creating bar file

!ENTRY org.bonitasoft.studio.common 4 0 2015-11-19 09:43:52.768
at org.bonitasoft.studio.engine.export.switcher.AbstractSwitch.handleConnectorInputs(AbstractSwitch.java:106)
at org.bonitasoft.studio.engine.export.switcher.AbstractSwitch.addConnector(AbstractSwitch.java:86)
at org.bonitasoft.studio.engine.export.switcher.FlowElementSwitch.handleCommonActivity(FlowElementSwitch.java:645)

Bar file export failed with missing library


I have issue in exporting my process as bar file. Error message says:

BAR file export has failed. However, a non-executable .proc file has been exported instead.

Reason: XPP3 pull parser Library not present. Specify another driver. For example: new XStream(new DomDriver())

When I tried to export, I added manually dependencies of xpp3-1.1.4c.jar, xpp3_min-1.1.4c.jar, xpp3_xpath-1.4.4c.jar. But this didn't do any good.

How can I react?

Thank you, Best regards.