File upload size does not work, what am i doing wrong?


I have a problem with uploading files, i have a *.CSV file with size of 350-400MB. It is a really big file compared to simple documents, but i need to read its contents.

I (think i) know there are two files, that has file upload limits:

  1. forms-config.properties
  2. console-config.properties

But these files are under this folder:


I just cant find this folder (someone wrote it is here):

Error : can't leave Input file empty

Hello everyone,

I would like to set up a 'file upload' where you can upload a file, and keep it in a 'formOutput.fileStudentPlanContract' (with fileStudentPlanContract being a contract of a file type).

I can later retrieve it with no problem, however I can't seem to leave the field empty, (as if it was mandatory) as this debug msg is displayed :

Debug message
Error while validating expected inputs

Uploaded File not showing in File Viewer widget


Please I am battling to get uploaded files displayed in File Viewer widget. Steps taken:

1. At pool level, I created a document named mainDoc (Data - Documents)

2. In my Form, I added Upload widget. URL is ../API/formFileUpload

3. I added File Viewer widget on a verifying form within the same process with properties: File Source: Process Document and Process Document: context.mainDoc_ref

Javascript brokens when uploading file using chrome browser

Hi there.

I'm facing a (new) problem trying to upload files in Google Chrome (versions 55 or 57, the same behavior).
The browser console shows me the following:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of null
at jsd (6DE7E7109D6A9A5FD243E59C759F3789.cache.html:2686)
at Wqd (6DE7E7109D6A9A5FD243E59C759F3789.cache.html:2592)
at wm (6DE7E7109D6A9A5FD243E59C759F3789.cache.html:2540)
at 6DE7E7109D6A9A5FD243E59C759F3789.cache.html:1949
at 6DE7E7109D6A9A5FD243E59C759F3789.cache.html:2243

File Upload and Dowload from 6.x

Hi all,

i would like to upload and download a file. I know the FileUploadDownload Example but i would like to build the process via the 6.x Pageflow editor.

This is what I've already did:
* Execution > Contract > new Contract (type "file") named "input1"
* Pool > Data > new Document > File contract input "input1"
* Created a Pageflow and uploaded the file (think so, because no errors appeared)

Documents, upload - How to tell if it's a new Document?

Hi there,

I have a situation where in Service Step 1 I retrieve 2 documents from a DMS and load them to Documents, in Human Task 1 I see the documents, download ONE of them, edit it and upload the document using the same file widget. I downloaded from. The name of the file has not changed.

How do I tell if I've uploaded the document, rather than, as with the other file, just left it alone?

The documentID is not a good contender for this as it changes step to step. Is there some other way to tell if a document has been uploaded or not?

Validating size of documents


I have a form and a upload widget working fine. When submited, it sets the file in a document defined in my process. I need to validate de size of this document. I try to create a grovy script validator but i just have a instance of org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.document interface and it not have methods to get lenght. How can i validate the size of documents?


Upload a list of files and list it


I'm working in a pilot project using free bonita community. We need to upload a list of files in each task forms, but we dont know specifically how many files is. The users need to access this files in forms too. I'm trying to do this:

http error while uploading a .bar

Env: Bonita 6.2.0 on Tomcat 7.047, Win 7.
Bar created with studio 6.2.0
while trying to install an application thru hosted portal, I got "http error" after the .bar file is selected (on local drive) for upload.
The error message appears after a few minutes or seconds, depending on the size of the .bar, but it always happen.
The install button is never enabled.
is there any requirements for the http upload to work?
Like firewall ports open, etc.?