I can't download Bonita 7.2. The download does not start.

When I try to download it from the downloads page, it does not start automatically.

File Upload and Dowload from 6.x

Hi all,

i would like to upload and download a file. I know the FileUploadDownload Example but i would like to build the process via the 6.x Pageflow editor.

This is what I've already did:
* Execution > Contract > new Contract (type "file") named "input1"
* Pool > Data > new Document > File contract input "input1"
* Created a Pageflow and uploaded the file (think so, because no errors appeared)

It's not possible to download version 6.5 for linux x86 32 bit

hi, I have tried to download the 32 bit version of this installation

Linux Bonita BPM installer which contains Bonita BPM Studio with embedded Engine + Portal.

but it never will start downloading. I have tried with firefox and chrome with no success. Still the 64 bit version can be downloaded without any problem but I need the 32 bit version so it's not to any help

regards carl-henrik

Document Download - Run-time decision?

Hi there,

In studio there is a switch for Document->Download Only, I need to make this dynamic based on data within the file widget. Is this possible as I can't find anything in javadoc.

For example what I want to do is:

Software download issue - firewall

I am on win-7 behind a corporate firewall on a 64bit machine. I have tried on both IE-9 and Chrome-39. When I click download, it says, "password generated for you" and at the bottom it says "waiting for", but nothing downloads.

I have downloaded a gazillion of things over the years from VisualStudio to Eclipse. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks. (your toolbar doesn't seem to support uploading image or I would show screenshot)

capture download link and view the download link


I have some issue regarding jQuery in Bonitasoft. I called href download link in jQuery code but it is "undefined" when it run on browser. But, if I called the href in console, it displayed the download link.

How to download Bonita BPM 5.x source code from

Hi everybody I'm Ami

I currently trying to download from using tortoiseSVN when I import it, it request username and password. I use my username and password, but it doesn't work. Is there any default username and password or anything?

Thank you... :3

Where is Bonita BPM 5.x source code?

Hi everyone I'm Ami

I've been searching the source everywhere, but I can't find it. I've seen the github. It only have for version 6.0 or later.

Thank you :)