New Log SEVER ! about h2 in Studio

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In new Release i have new sever log in Engine-Log Studio :


07-Feb-2021 22:49:57.429 SEVERE [http-nio-51362-exec-5] sysprop.bonita.bdm.db.vendor is not set. This should not happen at runtime. Defaulting to h2.


Can you guide me ?

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Content of a variable in the URL property of a link

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to configure a button link like in the example of this video: (at 1h 2min 20 seg)

I have followed the same steps, but I can't make the property "URL" to retrieve the content of the variable processDef[0].id like in the example. I am not sure, but maybe it works differently in the latest versions of Bonita. I am using Bonita 7.10.3.

Rest API Extension deployment

Hi guys,
We were wondering if there is a way to deploy all the REST API Extensions at once for the Studio ?

Use Case : I import my workspace in a new local repository, I have 10 REST API Extensions.
For now I have to select the Extensions one by one, and select Deploy...

Can we do a global maven build ? How can I know the Maven Phase executed by the Studio when you click on Deploy... ?

Cheers :)

Bonita studio (7.5.0) creates faulty links for "Portal" and "UI Designer"

Hi All,

I just deployed Bonita BPM 7.5.0 on my CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core). Clicking on the "Portal" button in the Studio the URL generated is:
file:///download/http:/localhost:8080/bonita/loginservice%3Fusername=walter.bates&password=bpm&redirectUrl=portal%252Fhomepage%253F_l%253Den which of course cannot be retrieved. The same applies to the "UI Designer", where the generated link is: file:///download/http:/localhost:8080/designer/%23/en/home
Does anyone of you know how to correct it?

Thanks in advance:

[RESOLVED...Not quite] Enhancement/Bug/Whatever

There! are some things...

Like the Evaluation Window
that drive me crazy about the Studio (7.2.3).

That is an absolutely useless feature.

Where do we 'suggest'? When????

Can't find Search pane in Studio


I wanna improve the Portal search field to filter particular values in cases and display the result.

As the Bonita documentation, this is done by defining search index :

Document Download - Run-time decision?

Hi there,

In studio there is a switch for Document->Download Only, I need to make this dynamic based on data within the file widget. Is this possible as I can't find anything in javadoc.

For example what I want to do is:

Take Process - taking Multiple processes of same name assigned to others?

Hi there,

Bonita Studio 6.3.7, Java, Windows 8.1

I have a strange one,

I have (pseudo) code that does this (simplified):

Header Bar - how to use the Title Area

Hi there,

I would like to make use of the centre of the Header Bar where the Logo and Sign information sits. When in Studio Mode this is the name of the process but in Portal Mode it is Blank.

Is there a way I can use a variable in this field?

Many thanks and best regards Seán