Bonita 7 Community Edition

Valores en una selección múltiple desde mi base de datos


Estoy comenzando con bonita community y estoy desarollando unos procesos para una fabrica. En unos de mis formularios necesitaria acceder a la base de datos para poder mosotrar como criterios de seleccion alguna de las piezas que actualmente estan en fabricacion. ¿ Como puedo relizar esto?

Muchas gracias de antemano

Update a process in Production without losing data

Hi there!

We would like to know the best practice to update a process in production without losing data. Currently, we disable the older version and install the new version so that the in-flight instances are not affected by this change.

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Raji Malla

creating REST API in community Edition

Is it possible to create custom REST web service in community edition?

error on running simulation

for the first case, why when running the simulation, the process continued until past the end of the simulation of the duration of time that has been determined, and even continued not stop?
and for the second case, everything is going well, except that there is no waiting time shown for the each task?


I'm having issues with Tomcat deploy on ubuntu server

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to deploy the bonita 7.3 community edition on a tomcat 7 contained into an ubuntu 16.
I've follow this tutorial

However i'm getting the following error while trying to start the tomcat container.

Installer fail - 7.2.3 Community - Ubuntu 15.10 Server

I'm trying to get Bonitasoft to install on an Ubuntu 15.10 Server, but the installer fails:

Steps to reproduce (from a fresh/patched Ubuntu 15.10 Server ISO)

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:webupd8team/java
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install oracle-java7-installer

chmod 750
sudo ./

Get the case history through REST API


We are planning to use the community version of BonitaBPM.
In the documentation of the REST API, I didn't see any way to get the complete history of a case.
Is it possible in the community edition to get the history of a case or do we need to upgrade our subscription to be able te make an API extension ?

Thanks for your answer,
Best regards,

Creating a new look n feel

Greetings, Is there any way to modify the look n feel on bonita 7.x community edition? cause in documentation I can't find anything, Only for teamwork, efficiency and performance edition

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How to use loggedUserId in Bonita 7.2.3?

My problem is simple. I need to get the userId of the currenty user "performing" the script activity. In the documentation says that loggedUserId is among the provided variables, but it's not in the provided variables in the groovy script editor. I'm using the Community Edition.
How can i get the id?

Remove document


In a process, users can submit a request with attachments.
Then, they can edit the request and add/remove attachments.

When the process is finished (i.e. archived), we see all attachments included those removed there.
How can I definitively remove attachments ?